When Life Gives You Lemons... But You're Allergic To Them


It was a normal Sunday morning with the exception of a 10 mile run in preparation for the TCS NYC Marathon.

I walked into church a few minutes after the music had started and saw my husband leading worship on the stage. I’ve been seeing this sight since I was 13 or 14 in the church we grew up together in. Our Pastor announced that we’d be taking communion and that it would be given at the beginning of the service this week. The power I was feeling I had built up from those early 10 miles were gone in a matter of seconds. For about a year now I’ve been on again off again on being able to take communion because of the ingredients.

On September 5th, my health coach at Cabral Wellness contacted me with the test results I had been looking forward to hearing for about a year. I had put off the testing for most of the year because it was $1,500 and since insurance doesn’t cover labs run by an Integrative Doctor, this meant we were paying out of pocket (again). I felt so guilty about spending this kind of money, especially when we had already been doing so for 2 years with other Homeopathic doctors. Looking back, I wish I had done the testing sooner. The labs Dr. Cabral’s team ran are labs that conventional medicine don’t usually test. Integrative Medicine is about treating the WHOLE body, not just a symptom, so before any solution is provided we reviewed the raw facts about myself. I’m not kidding when I say ALL of the facts! The finger pricking, sampling, and sending in a piece of my hair for the hair tissue mineral analysis would ALL be worth it a few weeks later when the results were in! On that day, I had my appointment with my Cabral coach scheduled, later that day we were leaving for Italy, AND due to the appointment call that was scheduled, I was able to work from home. It was quite a morning.

The Food Sensitivity Test showed that I’m sensitive to many foods, some I knew of and some I suspected. Most sensitivities appear in the dairy and grains categories, as shown below.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 11.32.44 AM.png

For optimal health, each level should be 1.40 or lower and in other parts of the test it showed tuna, turkey, cane sugar and yeast were all above 1.40! Sensitivities can cause bloating, acne, sickness, throat closure, headaches, fatigue, and silent internal inflammation (and much more) so it’s important to know your allergies/sensitivities and limit and/or avoid them. I sat there in church with my self-pity feelings and passed the tray as it floated by and dreamed about the wafer (bread) being a carrot stick or slice of cucumber (haha!)

We all have our struggles and insecurities… it’s part of being human and it’s what makes us, us. I love this quote from Princess Eugenie:

“I think you can change the way beauty is, and you can show people your scars, and I think it’s really special to stand up for that,” Princess Eugenie, in preparation for her wedding day. Princess Eugenie exposed the scare on her back from a surgery she had as a little girl.

If you know me personally, you know that I don’t eat dairy, meat, processed foods or sugars, food dyes, or really anything I can’t pronounce. This situation on the table, my friends, is definitely the cherry on top and for the most part, I’m weathering just fine. Actually, all of these healthful changes I’ve made over the years have shaped (and quite literally) me into a MUCH better version of myself. I am SO much healthier then I was in college, and even just last year! Whether you can relate to this (#allthefeels) or not, you probably know someone who has some sort of allergy or sensitivity.

If you can relate to all of this, I get you. I know what it feels like to have excruciating pain when you eat something you’re unknowingly allergic to, the breakout you have because you can’t figure out what else you’re sensitive to, the fatigue that hits you, the pain you don’t know you’re enduring until you’re not anymore, or when you need to pass on that glass of wine, delicious bread, (insert your favorite food) because it’s honestly just not going to help you feel better.

On my personalized plan with Dr. Cabral to reverse a few things (not just allergy clean up), for at least 90 days I can’t consume some of my beloved favorites: garlic, onions, and vinegars. Coincidentally, this aligns with Rachel Hollis’s last 90 days challenge which you can read about here: https://thechicsite.com/90days/ With so many already in place goals, my largest and highest goal is to celebrate the foods I CAN have. So if you’re reading this and can understand, when you feel that self-pity creeping in, DO something about it. Go to the store and find something you can have that you haven’t tried (my husband and I started making yucca into fries and praise the Lord they are GOOD). Search Pinterest, Google, find inspiring food bloggers on the good ‘ol instagram, find the support and accountability in the people closest to you, and do whatever it takes to stop those pity feelings from ruining your day. Use the internet to your benefit and connect with people (connect with me!) Sure, you’ll have your moments but I encourage you to look past it. There are millions of people around the world who don’t have access to everything you have, including the foods that you CAN enjoy. Focus on the fresh, nutritious, clean food your body thrives on to chase all of your goals in life. Since eating and living a cleaner life, I accomplish MUCH more in a day, with energy and a clear mind.

Happy Saturday!

For information on Dr. Cabral’s practice: https://stephencabral.com

Be well,