7 Tips for Living Like a Boss by wellness writer, Heather Juliet

Nobody holds the secret to eternal youth, the magic pill or the shortcut to vibrant health. What would life be like if we had all the answers? Pretty boring! But, one of the best parts about life is the people we meet, the experiences and the knowledge we gain. Sharing information on what works for you can be paramount in helping others try new things and reach their goals. Being in the wellness field, I’ve encountered a lot of information. I’ve tried a lot of remedies, cure-all’s and straight up hippy solutions to all my life’s problems. After years of testing, research and my own health struggles, here are my top 7 tips to Living Like a Boss.


1.       Don’t compare yourself to other people. If this isn’t probably the hardest thing for most people, I don’t know what is! Comparison leads to self-hate and we need more self-love in this world.

2.       Eat whole foods. This is paramount to vibrant health. Eating foods rich in nutrients and as close to their natural state as possible will only propel us into further “bosshood.”

3.       Monitor stress and do something about it. Let’s get real here – stress kills. We must find a way to lower our stress levels. My favorite stress-busting activities are yoga and meditation. Nothing I’ve tried is more beneficial and luckily, numerous studies have been done to support the efficacy of yoga and meditation on managing stress.

4.       Start a gratitude journal. When I started this practice, it literally transformed my life, my thinking and my state of mind. Flipping the switch and approaching life with gratitude enhances our ability move through bad moods quicker and allows us to be more open to positive experiences. The results will shock you.

5.       Love without rules. If you were at the end of your life looking back, could you say that you loved without rules? What a powerful question to ponder. Why do we put rules, limitations and conditions around love? Why can’t we just love? Let’s stop the drama, stop the feuds and stop the fear from experiencing life’s greatest feeling. Love is why we are here.

6.       Feel the fear and do it anyways. This has been my biggest challenge area so far. It has taken me years to work through my issues with fear and just let go. It’s the number one thing that prevents us from reaching our full potential. I don’t know about you but I have some pretty big goals I’d like to achieve. I know we are all meant to achieve greatness our own individual ways. The only way for me to overcome a block of fear is to push through it head on and not think about it. I have to remind myself that we are all here to serve a purpose and I will not let something as petty as fear hold me back from my greatness. Remembering, if I knew I could not fail, what would I attempt?

7.       Follow your bliss. Do things that bring you joy and light you up. It doesn’t matter how often at this point, just start. Take a class, join a group or start by taking the first step.  We must challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and try the things that our intuition is leading us to. It’s amazing how your life starts to change when you follow your bliss. You never know what it could lead to.

What are you going to create for yourself? Now is the time to start that thing that’s been nagging at you. Now is the time to step up and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Sometimes the hardest step is just making the choice to create some change. Will you continue to play it small or will you jump in and start to live like a boss?


Heather Juliet is a wellness writer and eco/green Interior Designer focusing on creating healthier spaces for people. She is passionate about helping people source nontoxic materials for their home while keeping it stylish and functional. She is the author is The Powered Life: a natural approach to whole body wellness, available on Amazon, and lives in Central Texas. Follow Heather @heather_juliet on Instagram and for more information please visit her website at https://naturaldesignco.com/