Lyla's Dream Shack & Why This Mom Created a Skincare Line

Welcome to Lyla's Dream Shack! Your all natural and customizable skin care line...

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Lyla's Dream Shack was introduced to me when a friend gifted me the Cocoa Body Butter for my birthday. To be honest, it smelled so good I wanted to eat it (don't laugh, you'll want to as well!) I loved the way the Cocoa Body Butter left my skin - refreshed with a little shine! Being an avid label reader (someone who reads labels on products/groceries and googles ingredients they don't know) I was thrilled to learn that my newfound love of the Cocoa Body Butter had already passed my test. #cocoabodybutter4ever

Alexandra Fossett of Philadelphia is the mastermind behind Lyla's Dream Shack. Recently, I was able to get a look inside this incredible skincare line. You're in for a treat!

Lyla's Dream Shack Body Butter

Lyla's Dream Shack Body Butter

How did Lyla's Dream Shack start?

I started Lyla's Dream Shack to make chemical free skin products for my daughter, Lyla. Lyla has extremely sensitive skin and she had rashes from when she was about 10 months up until she was around 3. I tried every OTC cream, went to the pediatrician, the dermatologist, everything I could think of. At one point she was on 3 different prescriptions and an OTC cream! When I went back to the pediatrician, the Dr. said that they couldn't figure it out and it was as serious as 2nd degree burns. It was absolutely horrible for me to watch but worse for her because she was in so much pain.

I started to research all of the ingredients in moisturizers, soaps, shampoos, basically everything I used on her. I needed to be so careful with her skin. When I searched one of the most popular brands, I was shocked to see that an article had been published that the company knowingly used a cancer causing agent in their calming moisturizer. After seeing that, I decided to try making the products myself. I looked up butters, oils, essential oils, and other ingredients and started formulating products for different skin types.

What is your background? What are some parts of owning Lyla's Dream Shack that you enjoy?

I worked with a cosmetic company for almost 10 years, so I feel comfortable giving information and advice to clients. I wanted to able to customize products. I enjoy meeting new clients, creating connections, and maintaining relationships with my clients. I welcome phone calls, emails, or appointments for them to explain their skin type to me so that I can help them with their skin care problems and concerns.


Where can your products be purchased?

I sell products from our website and also on Facebook and local Philadelphia craft shows. The products featured are oil free facial liquid soap, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, body butter, body scrub, floral bath soak, children's body wash, lip balm in a tube or tin, and insect repellant. The most popular products are the body butter and the insect repellant. 

What has been the most rewarding part of Lyla's Dream Shack?

I think the most rewarding part of my job is the ability to teach Lyla so many different lessons in life. She loves helping make the products, going to the craft shows with me, she loves explaining to the customers how to use products, she helps me put together bags for the homeless and understands how fortunate we are, and the importance of helping others'. I wanted to educate and with the profits from Lyla's Dream Shack. I donate to various charities, sports teams, missionary work, supply natural disaster survivors with basic necessities, and I make donations to Homeless Shelters for Veterans. For me, this company was created to make a difference.

Lyla's Dream Shack Body Scrub & Lip Balm

Lyla's Dream Shack Body Scrub & Lip Balm

"Our products are hand crafted using all natural and organic ingredients.  We want to create products that are perfect for your skin and address your skin care concerns. Our skin care is customizable to different skin types.  We formulate our products to fit your skin type and/or concerns.  Because our products do not contain preservatives, we make products fresh upon order so they are created just for you."- Lyla's Dream Shack

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