Travel for $35 per Night + Carry on Essentials

If you’d have told me I’d be turning into the traveling queen a few years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you.  

Thanks to, traveling is way more attainable then booking pricey hotels! Our recent trip to Italy was completely booked through Airbnb with the exception of the night we arrive and the night before we leave. If you’ve never heard of Airbnb, it’s a website where you can rent full apartments, homes, properties, or rooms at various prices. We’ve used Airbnb in NYC, London, and Dublin and have had such great experiences. By booking trips through Airbnb you are more immersed in the culture/ town you’re visiting and have access to the places locals go. Some hosts are leaving their personal home when you arrive and others have two properties, one they live in and the other they rent. By using Airbnb you also get the inside scoop on the best places the local go instead of getting stuck in tourist central! In London, our host told us about this amazing Indian restaurant that was close by and it was one of the best Indian dinners we’ve had! EST INDIA, you rock: 

I love using Airbnb because if you choose to rent an entire home you have access to a kitchen and living space apart from the bedroom. When we travel, we food shop like normal to prepare meals in our home away from home, which saves hundreds of dollars from eating out all the time. Here are a few pictures of our airbnb apartments from London & Dublin.

Have I mentioned that Airbnb can be less then a hotel? I’ll just put this right here: our trip to Italy comes out to $35 PER PERSON, PER NIGHT. of the places we stayed in was in a villa on an organic olive oil farm overlooking the hills of Calabria with a view of the ocean. Our host and her husband moved from Florence to pursue this dream and she is a master yoga instructor!

So how exactly did we travel for $35 a night? $35 is an average of all our overnight expenses, including all service and cleaning fees!!, divided by how many nights we stayed. Be realistic about what you need when traveling….do you really need that rooftop patio or hot tub? For us, we like to book places that look the cleanest, has great reviews, and in a great location. Our Airbnb in Florence was right downtown next to everything, which was absolutely wonderful! On the flip side, our Airbnb in Southern Italy on the west side was on a mountain above the beach town we had planned to visit. The benefit of staying on the mountain instead of the beach town was that our Airbnb was $22 per person per night including all cleaning and services fees…… for an entire townhouse.

In other news, I really needed to streamline my packing situation. I’m a recovering hot mess of a traveler.

One time, I literally stood at the bag check scale trying to remove a few pounds from my bag. Another time I forgot about some fresh fruit in my bag and had to go through Agriculture Security. I've gotten hairspray, shampoo, and conditioner taken away, been THAT person trying to guzzle the rest of her beverage before going through security, and the person who's bag ALWAYS needs to be pulled aside and opened. This time around I was super motivated to get through all my travels without being stopped! Well, I was definitely stopped, but that’s another story, ha! However, my super detailed, super orgranized carry on was SUPER helpful!

Carry on items for a seamless and enjoyable flight!

Carry on items for a seamless and enjoyable flight!


  1. Love Your Life Not Theirs by Rachel Cruze - As a big Dave Ramsey/Ramsey family fan as you probably remember from this post, I am so excited about Rachel’s new book that focuses on loving your OWN life, without feeling jealous or comparing yourself to others.

  2. Rushing Woman's Syndrome by Dr. Libby Weaver - A book that teaches woman how why and how it is crucial to care for yourself. It can be easy to overwork yourself balancing a career, raising children, making healthful meals, doctor’s appointments, budgeting, friendships, etc…

  3. 8Greens - A fast, quick, and very easy way to get your greens in! These tablets can be tossed into hot or cold water for an instant boost of greens.

  4. Calm Drink - Perfect drink for helping to put your muscles into relaxation mode naturally. The main ingredient in Calm is magnesium, which many Americans are actually deficient of. Please, do your research! It’s a great topic to read about.

  5. Hu Kitchen Simple Dark Chocolate Bar - The one and only chocolate bar I typically eat. 3 ingredients! THAT’S IT YA’LL. Cacao (raw form of chocolate which is actually filled with magnesium and minerals), unrefined raw coconut sugar, and coco butter. No dairy, no chemicals, no regret. (As I write this I should note, my husband just surprised me with one! #waytomyheart)

  6. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee - These little packets are perfect for on the go. Reliable, clean coffee infused with Chaga mushroom which promotes focus. I mean, how can you go wrong?

  7. Dr. Bronner's Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer - Hand sanitizer I feel comfortable using. I love the Dr. Bonner’s brand!

  8. Natural Cinnamon Spry Gum - The cleanest gum I can find! That' sounds weird, but there’s no dye and no processed sugar so in case I’m having a hard time with take/ landing, this is what I use.

  9. Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Toothpaste - Again, love me some Dr. Bonner’s! This is our favorite toothpaste. It’s clean and I don’t need to worry about my body ingesting dyes or fluoride.

  10. Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes - Girl needs to wash her face on a long flight, you get my drift? These are perfect for around hour 5!

  11. Equilibrium Bottle ProStak Blender Bottle - This is a blender bottle I recieved through my Integrative Doctor in Boston. Equilibrium is Dr. Cabral’s extremely high quality supplement company. I received this in one of my orders- it came with 2 removable compartments for powder/supplements!

  12. Small Zipper Pouch - A small zipper pouch is ideal for your ID’s and cards, passport, documents, and change/bills. It’s a great feeling to have everything all in one place instead of a wallet, a purse, another bag, a pocket, etc…

  13. Neck Pillow - Protect your neck! Airlines let you attach this to the outside of your carryon so you don’t need to stuff this in your bag. Mine is the memory foam which is very comfortable!

  14. Disinfecting Wipes - Yes, I’m that lady wiping down my seat, armrests, and tray on flights. It brings some peace of mind knowing that when I pull the tray down later in the flight there won’t be a leftover snack from the previous flight, ha! I got mine from Whole Foods and put them in a bag so they’d pack better instead of the round plastic container. The Whole Foods wipes have a natural minty smell instead of a harsh chemical smell (that may bother other airplane passengers!)

  15. Black Out Eye Mask - I absolutely love my Total Eclipse Eye Mask! There is foam around the eyes on the mask that keep the mask off your eyelids. If you’ve ever tried to use an eye mask but find yourself removing it in your sleep (probably because of the pressure you feel on your eyelids) this is worth giving a try!

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Until next time… xo, S